Play Want Bin Expense: 2017-10-29

Play Want Bin Expense: 2017-10-29

A day early. Or several weeks late? You decide!


Stardew Valley (Switch)
Pretty much this and only this. Coming up to 70 hours now, and I’ve reached the middle of Spring in Year 3. I’ve just two items left to finish the Community Centre (one of which is a random drop, the other is only available in Summer), and I’m most of the way to completing the “items shipped” checklist. My house is fully expanded, I’ve started making use of the greenhouse, I have a horse (not that I’ve made any use of it), and I’ve two massive coops full of chickens, ducks, rabbits and void chickens. I’ve a pig and some sheep and cows, and all bar one of the Rarecrows. I’ve reached the bottom of the mine, and started on the other mine, met the shadow thing and the dwarf, and now I’ve finally started to turn my mind to possibly getting the villagers to like me. Yes, I know I may have left this very late. And no, the game is still stressful and every day is a panicked rush to get everything done.

Sonic Mania (Switch)
A little. Mere minutes, really.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (PS4)
A few more red and gold bricks. Not many though.


Super Mario Odyssey (Switch), which I would have had by now if it wasn’t for Toys R Us screwing up my order and sending it to the wrong address. Hopefully I’ll have it tomorrow.

Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch), which I could have bought by now only I didn’t think there was any point with Stardew Valley existing. I was probably right.

The Mummy Demastered (Switch), which wasn’t on my radar but now it turns out it’s by WayForward and is a Metroidvania platform shooter? Yes!

Lego Ninjago The Movie The Videogame (Switch/PS4), which, yeah, we need now.


Toys R Us, obviously.


Nothing for a while. Stardew Valley, you see.

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