Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

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Went off to my first “dungeon”, to get the Earth Element. For some reason, it looks like three purple drops of water, so that doesn’t make sense. Anyway, the dungeon was the usual Zelda dungeoning affair, with Small Keys and chests and switches and a map and a compass and stuff. Killed the “mid-boss” and got a Gust Jar – a new weapon for Zelda games. It sucks stuff up. Nice.

Finished off the main boss too, and went back to the Minish Village, where I was sent off to find another Element. Went via Hyrule Town and bought some stuff, got given a Kinstone bag, and found some Kinstones. You meld them with other Kinstones that people have, and things happen (new places open, chests appear, etc.). Started up Mount Someplaceorother, but didn’t get very far before I got stuck and went back to the town. There are billions of Minish-sized holes and paths in the town, but I haven’t found out anywhere to shink down yet (except in the Shoemaker’s house, but then you can’t leave as a midget).


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