GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas

MOST ANNOYING BIT EVAAR. It seems there’s a flying school mission at the airstrip I’ve just bought, so I went and finished that. It took AGES as it’s too hard. The plane controls are too twitchy, and when flying the helicopter the camera swings round to suit itself but not you, meaning you can’t see where you’re going, or what you’re shooting at. Stupid.

Anyway, that done, it was off to Las Venturas properly, to do some more missions for Woosie. This included one of the best missions so far – scaring the bejesus out of a guy by strapping him to the bonnet of your car and driving fast, erratically, and dangerously. Excellent.

The Truth got back in contact with me to ask me to find two “British band members” from Arco del Oeste, whom I managed to locate easily. They were very funny, especially the Manc one. Unfortunately, I needed a car to carry them both , and I had a bike. So off I ran to the nearest road to get a different vehicle, and legged it straight off a mountain and onto my head. Silly me.

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