Outrun 2

Outrun 2

I thought I’d beat a few more of Tim’s scores today, so did so. Specifically, Route 1. I then went and tried some of the Challenges, but failed on them all. They’re too hard. FACT.

Then something bizarre happened. I decided to try and beat Tim’s Route 4 score, so chose his ghost to race. All was well (aside from me being behind) until the first split in the road – I could only go left, as I expected, but Tim’s ghost went right. Through the big Go Left Arrows. How odd. I managed to beat his time, and uploaded my ghost and score, but they didn’t appear on the scoreboard. Very odd. So I tried again. This time I beat Tim by a good 10 seconds (although he went through the Go Left Arrows again), and once more I uploaded my ghost and score. And they didn’t appear on the scoreboard.

So I assumed Tim’s ghost was playing silly buggers, and chose someone else’s ghost to play again. Sure enough, the car went right when I could only go left, and my score didn’t appear on the table. I tried three more times, with other ghosts, and again – nothing.

Then I decided to try another route. Tim hadn’t set a score for Route 3, but I thought I’d give it a shot. Nice time, score uploaded, ghost saved. But what’s this? My score isn’t on the table. Instead, my time from Route 4 is listed for Route 3. Playing the same route again, against my own ghost confirms it – the ghost car takes a turn I can’t. And now it seems my Route 3 score is listed under Route 5!

What the hell is going on?


  1. hi,

    i was just looking for outrun 2 info on the internet because exactly the same thing has happened to me; i’ve had times which according to the scoreboard should’ve been among the top 5, but it just WILL NOT save them even though it says ‘storing score on xbox kive’. this is incredibly annoying please post back here any info on why this happens or what can be done about it and i’ll do the same! thanx


  2. Well, I haven’t found a solution, sadly. However, I suspect it is possible to get around it if a list could be made of which routes the scores you get are actually saved as.

    Of course, the best solution would be for Sumo to fix the bloody thing, but that isn’t going to happen any time soon.


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