Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

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Since I have no completable handheld game on the go at the moment, this is stepping in to provide portable gaming. Or something.

Typical Zelda fare so far, with the same baddies as always, and all that. One big difference so far is the fact I had to go and find my sword before I could fight anything. OK, so the very first Zelda game did the same thing, but in this one you have to travel a fair way and avoid a load of baddies to get there. Not hard, just different.

Completed the first dungeon, killing a dragon who was almost identical to that in the first Zelda. I have bombs (surprise) and some flame seeds (which set fire to things) now too. Then I wandered off to find the next dungeon, playing a game of Tom Clancy’s Pro Lurker on the way. Is there a game around these days that doesn’t have a stealth section? After that, went to some volcano world place, and took part in Dancing Stage Link. As you do.

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