Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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No sooner has one Zelda game been completed, another begins. I did complete LttP when it originally came out for the SNES, but that was more than ten years ago. I remember I even got every single piece of heart too. Obviously a time when I had more game patience than I do now!

Anyway. I’ve got up, after hearing Zelda cry for help, and wander off to the castle. A nasty wizard has taken over the place, and is doing nefarious things to young maidens – Zelda being the last in line. After a short dungeon, I find Zelda and we escape to a sanctuary. Along the way, I picked up a sword, shield, and boomerang. I had a torch to begin with too. I also got an extra heart.

It was off then to the village, to find the elder. Who has gone missing. None of the villagers are much help, and some actually call guards to come and kill me. How nice of them. I did find a big stack of rupees, some bombs, and two empty bottles, however. And an insect net.

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