Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

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The weapon was a switch-with-things hook hoodilly. So, not really a weapon then, actually. Although you do use it on the end boss in that dungeon, as expected.

With that dungeon out of the way, I was sent on a trek through time and, er, place to find bomb flowers to help a Goron elder. Of course, that required a sub-quest, which involved throwing bombs as the Great Moblin who muttered something about me defeating him in Holodrum (which I never did). Odd.

Anyway, I was then able to get into Dungeon 5, which has lots of red and blue blocks that I need to swap between a lot to reach various areas. The mid-boss was very easy indeed, and required me to race him to a ball, and chuck it at him before he chucked it at me. I’ve found the map and compass, and also the weapon here – the Cane of Somaria. It was entirely expected that it’d be the weapon I got though, as some of the puzzles were crying out for it. I just have the Big Key and end boss to find and do now.


  1. You know, your writing sounds like the game is boring. And when the ‘Great’ Moblin mutters something like defeating you in Holodrum, it’s in the Oracle of Seasons. I have both Oracle of Ages AND Seasons. So you can quit sounding like its b-o-r-i-n-g……………………………..No offense.

  2. Well, I didn’t find it boring in the slightest.

    I know the Moblin was in Holodrum in OoS, but I certainly didn’t even meet him, let alone fight him, in OoS. I’d played OoS first, and linked OoA up to it.

    If you read the rest of my diary you’d see that.


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