Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

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More wandering aimlessly around Rolling Ridge finally led me to the Goron Dance Hall. Oh yes. Dancing. Winning the dancing contest thing gained me a Goron Brotherhood badge which lets me go past a Goron guard.

I knew where I needed to go, but there’s a locked door. The owl next to it says something cryptic about a mermaid’s secret, and, since there is a mermaid statue in Lynna City, I went off there. Wild goose chase, it was, as there’s nothing there. It turned out I needed to do a mini swap-a-thon to gain access to a bomb avoiding game. Winning that got me a key. I also had a go at a shooting game, which gained me a boomerand as well as one of the items needed to get to the bomb game.

And now I’m into Dungeon 6 – the Mermaid’s Cave. Tch. Damn cryptic owls.

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  1. I tried to play that game, but it was so confusing. It was like the game was four times as big as it really was because the season differences were so drastic.

    It probably didn’t help that I rented the game only twice, and never bought it…

    Hopefully, (and probably) you are much more interested in the game than I was.


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