Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages And Seasons

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages And Seasons

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Ages/Seasons Double Team Attack Fight! Win! Or something.

Decided to go back to Seasons and tell the necessary people all these Secrets I’ve been finding in Ages. That meant trying to remember how to get anywhere in Holodrum, which I found harder than I thought I would. My memory is rubbish.

Anyway, I’ve sorted out most of them. On my travels I’ve picked up a larger Ring Box (so I can now carry 5 rings), gained the Mirror Shield, and had Biggoron’s Sword forged. The latter is completely ridiculous since it is huge, takes both hands, and is really slow to swing. I also got the Master Sword, but on transferring it to Ages, it turned into the less powerful Nobel Sword. I think I’ll come back to that after I’ve found the Nobel Sword “properly” and see if I get the Master Sword then.

As well as all that, I also found a few more rings and a couple more pieces of heart. Which was nice.

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