Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages: TOPPLED!

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages: TOPPLED!

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The rest of Dungeon 8 was pretty easy, and I was soon onto the end boss (after picking up the Power Glove). He came in several forms, or rather, with several sets of hands – a bit like a boss from The Wind Waker. Sort of. The final set of hands required the newly-acquired glove to defeat too. What a shock that was.

After that, and with all eight Essences of Time in Link’s Magic Invisible Bottomless Rucksack, it was back to see the Maku Tree. Like in Seasons, I was given a seed that would supposedly help me, and it was off to the Black Tower.

Inside, after a short maze and lots of assorted baddies, it confronted Veran, still in the body of Queen Ambi. Removing Veran from her body was almost exactly like it was when she was in Nayru’s body, but afterwards I then had to fight her in some kind of fairy form. Luckily, some Evil Links that patrolled around her produced hearts when I killed them, making it much easier (especially as I was wearing a ring that gave me two hearts for every one I picked up). With the fairy-form of Veran dead, things were still not over. I was grabbed back into the tower as I was leaving, and forced to fight her some more – as she morphed between a bee and a turtle.

And she was easy. Nothing like Onox at all – just very, very easy. Labrynna returned to normal, and all was well. The End.

Or not. Since I’d linked the two Ages games together, there’s more. The final, almighty battle with Ganon and/or his summoners Twinrova, by the looks of things. A “Our Princess is in another castle!” moment indeed. That’ll be next, then. But for now, Ages is complete!

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