Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

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First off, I created a new game by linking Seasons to Ages. Although I’d hoped that this would give me teh magic powaz from Seasons at the start of my quest, it didn’t. Rubbish. It did, however, continue the story. Twinrova, some baddies I met in Seasons, appeared and said some stuff about Onox not dying in vain, and some flames being lit so that the Great King can be summoned. Or something. And then it was off into the world of Labrynna.

And, as before, standard Zelda fare so far. Nayru (the Oracle of Ages) gets possessed by the evil Veran and sent into the past, Link follows, saves a baby tree, tree grows into Maku Tree, Link goes into dungeons, etc. etc.

The first dungeon was alarmingly simple to complete. The mid-boss died with just a few sword swings, and the end boss was also pretty easy to fend off. Picked up the Power Bracelet in there too, so I can pick rocks and pots and things up now.

Went off to some woods then, which some rabbit fairy things helpfully rearranged magically and I had to play hide-and-seek with them before it went back to normal. Then I needed to go into the past again, to find some Mystery Seeds to give to a Queen who needs to give them to Veran. Yes, I’m helping the evil one. Tch.

The Queen gave me some bombs, so I can now blow stuff up. That allowed me into the next dungeon, which was also pretty simple. It did involve a load of mine carts though. The mid-boss was some flying thing that kept trying to drop on me (and was easily killed), and the end boss was one of the easiest in any Zelda game ever. Time consuming, but it was virtually impossible for it to actually hurt you, unless you were retarded or something. You chuck bombs in its head, and it dies. Picked up Roc’s Feather in Dungeon 2 also.

Now I need to find some rope that doesn’t rot in water, to give to Raft Man to make a raft so I can get to the next dungeon.

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