Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

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Two or three entries to the diary for the price of one here, as I’ve been plowing through the game off and on today.

Firstly, I finished off Dungeon 7. The ‘weapon’ there wasn’t what I thought it might be, though – it turned out to be Roc’s Cape – an upgrade to the feather allowing me to jump three times as far as previously. The mid-boss was pretty feeble, being just two ghosts I’d fought elsewhere in the dungeon, only at the same time. The end boss was a dragon thing not unlike one from another Zelda game, and yes, I needed the cape to avoid his attacks.

I then needed to get to Dungeon 8, which was actually in Subrosia. Getting there involved a bit of travelling through new areas, and setting off a volcano, amongst other things.

And now I’m in Dungeon 8. Which may be the final proper dungeon, although I suspect it won’t be. I’ve picked up the map and compass, and also found the Hyper Slingshot, which lets me fire three seeds at once. I’ve also faced the mid-boss twice (and died). He’s irritating, as you have to swap weapons every half a second (literally).

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