Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

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Dungeon 6 appeared to be huge once I’d found the map, but luckily it wasn’t – there were six or so floors, but each one was smaller than the last, so it wasn’t oo big in the end. It was a bit complicated though.

The weapon gained here was a Magic Boomerang – an upgrade for my normal one, but this one has greater range, power, and can be aimed with Sensible Soccer-like aftertouch. The mid-boss here was easy, and the end boss (who needed to Magic Boomerang to kill, obviously) was less so.

After the dungeon, I decided to do the “swapathon” sub-quest. Basically, you have an item that you need to swap for another item, which in turn is swapped for another. This generally involves travelling the entire map 8947293 times and talking to just about everyone. So I did. My reward, however, was the Nobel Sword – stronger than my last one, and it shoots if my health is full too. My next job is to find a boat or something, I think.


  1. Here matey,

    Are you using your DS for your GBA playing frenzy? I love the screen on mine to death but find it seriously uncomfortable after half an hour or so.

    Love and kisses


    Sir Chewbury Gubbins
  2. No, I’m not. I don’t like playing GBA games on my DS, as I don’t like the blank screen just sitting there. Yes, it’s silly.

    Also, Oracle of Seasons is a GBC game, not a GBA one – so I can’t play it on my DS anyway.


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