Legend of Zelda: Oracles Finale: FINALE’D!

Legend of Zelda: Oracles Finale: FINALE’D!

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Ah. It seems that as well as slapping Twinrova around with a sword, you also have to shoot him/her/it with seeds. Which was why I couldn’t kill it yesterday. Once I realised this, it was quickly dispatched, and it was on to Ganon.

Who was much easier than I expected. He warped all over the place, appearing and then doing random attacks. However, I didn’t really pay much attention to dodging him, and instead just hit him with my sword when I could. Then I realised I only had half a heart of energy left. Luckily – he only needed one more hit!

So, The End! The entire universe is saved (or something), Zelda is saved, the tree is saved, and everything else is saved. An extended end sequence showed “what happened next”, and the credits rolled. Very epic, I’m sure.

And what is this I have here? Link to the Past for the GBA of course!

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