Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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Before going back into Dungeon 6, I had a wander round outside, and found some more pieces of heart. Then it was back inside…

It was a shame that I’d only had one heart left at the end of Misery Mire last go, since the end boss was actually very easy. He threw eyeballs at me, which I had to kill, and then a giant eyeball bounced around the screen. It took loads of hits, but wasn’t difficult.

Then it was off to Dungeon 7 – Turtle Rock, via no end of caves and caverns in both the Dark and Light worlds. Entry to the dungeon required use of a Medallion and some World swapping. Once inside, it was pretty straightforward, although two rooms of pipes you could go through did seem really confusing. So I ignored the layout and it turned out that there was only one route. Plenty of moving platforms (using the Cane of Somaria I’d picked up in Dungeon 6) and a few puzzles, as well as a dip into the Light World to get more fairies, and it was boss time. He was fairly simple, although I needed several of the fairies in the process. It was a dragon with three heads – the first two of which were Fire and Ice heads, so naturally needed Ice and Fire to kill. My magic meter was drained several times, but luckily it dropped more magic energy vials occasionally. Once the first two heads were dead, the third head turned into a giant snake thing with a sword-slash-able belly. And then it died.

If I remember rightly, there’s only Ganon’s Tower and then the end of game boss left now…

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