Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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It was obvious where I needed to go once I actually looked properly rather than guess wildly. The quick jaunt into the Dark World (as a bunny) and back and I could get into the Tower of Hera, the third dungeon.

It was pretty easy in there too. Although there were lots of barrier switches and floor-hole toggle pressure pads, for the most part I didn’t need to bother with them. The item in this dungeon was the Moon Pearl, which, so it said, allows me to remain as Link rather than turn into a bunny when I enter the Dark World. Just as well, really. The boss at the end was a giant snake, although he was pretty easy. And then I had all three Pendants, and it was off to find the Master Sword in the Lost Woods.

I’m sure it was bloody hard to find when I played it all those years ago, but no. The Lost Woods were not the maze I remembered, and I soon had the Master Sword. So I can shoot out beamy light things now. Also, since I had the Master Sword, I could now get another weapon from a stone tablet near the Tower of Hera – so it was back up the mountain to get it. It’s some Ether thing that acts as a kind of smart bomb.

Then I’m told that Zelda has been kidnapped again, and I have to scuttle off to the castle (again) and rescue her (again). There was a short sort-of-dungeon, actually the castle tower, to contend with before I got to Agahnim. When I arrived, he was about to sacrifice Zelda, and with that done (I bet she isn’t dead really), it was Round One: FIGHT! But he was easy. Very, very easy. Soon he was defeated, and he dragged me off into the Dark World.

Here I was told about the seven maidens being trapped and needing rescuing, yadda yadda. Wandered around for a bit, and, eventually made it to the first dungeon “proper” – those first three were obviously just a warm-up or something. Saved and quit for now.

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