Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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Well, Dungeon 1 is more like the sort of Zelda dungeon I’ve become used to up until now. There was no mid-boss, but the end boss was as predictable as I’d anticipated – I’d picked up a Hammer in the dungeon, and this was required to kill him. By smashing his face in, obviously.

After a brief chat with the first rescued-maiden-in-a-crystal, who marked on my map where the others all are, it was off to Dungeon 2. I had to nip back to the Light World to flip a switch that affected the Dark World’s water level in the dungeon, and then most of the dungeon involved flooding and unflooding bits to get around. Picked up the Hook Shot in there too, and guess what? I needed it for the end boss! Hooray!

With the Hook Shot and Hammer, I was able to get around much more of the Dark World, so I went exploring. For my troubles, I picked up more pieces of heart (I have 11 full hearts now), did a sub-quest to get a flute which warps me around the place, found another medallion (Bombos) to go with the Ether one from earlier, and maxed out my Rupees. Oh yes, and I have the all important Spade too.

Then it was off to Dungeon 3, which is a bit confusing. Parts of it are in different places in some woods, and there are several entrances and exits. Annoyingly, most of the rooms contain Wall Masters, which grab you and take you back to the last place you entered the dungeon. I have got the Map and Big Key so far, and have also picked up the Fire Rod. Haven’t finished the dungeon yet though.

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