Zelda no Densetsu: The Hyrule Fantasy

Zelda no Densetsu: The Hyrule Fantasy

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With the added powaz of the Blue Ring, I managed to defeat all the Blue Dark Nuts, and get the Warp Whistle. This allowed me to kill the dungeon boss, and so I gained another heart and the fifth piece of Triforce.

Then it was off to Dungeon 6, after playing with the Warp Whistle for a bit and finding it entirely random. And Dungeon 6 is too hard. There’s a screen with two orange Wizzrobes, two blue Wizzrobes, a spinny thing, some bats and three LikeLikes. And it’s too hard. I did kill all bar the indestructable spinny thing, and one blue Wizzrobe, but it killed me. Pah.

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