Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

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Well, the vampire thing was killed first go this time. Why didn’t any tell me I had potions to heal myself, eh? Tch.

He gave up a soul that allowed me to double-jump, meaning I can now reach areas I couldn’t before. Went off exploring then, mainly through the village and into the Demon Guest House area, finding new areas to open up. There’s a large ballroom bit, and after that I found Dario – the other Dark Lord Candidate. He had three main attacks: a trio of fire columns, a fireball, and a Terry Bogard-alike Burn Wave. He was stupidly simple to beat though, if a little time consuming.

After him, it was on to more of the ballroom and some toyrooms and stuff, killing lots of evil wooden dolls and almost naked vampire women things (called “Lilith”, just like in Darkstalkers, bizarrely), as well as Evil Clowns and other stuff, and found a new Magic Seal and a save point.

Then it was into another boss fight, with a strange Voodoo Spider Mannequin Man who spat out Princess Peach clones whilst trying to trap voodoo dolls of me in iron maidens (killing me, if it managed to do so). It was easy though, but killing it wasn’t helped by my inability to remember the Seal required to “lock it away”, so I had to fight it some more.

Once it was dead and Sealed, I wandered around a bit collecting more souls and leveled up a bit.

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