Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 (GBA): COMPLETED! AGAIN!

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 (GBA): COMPLETED! AGAIN!

Well, Arcade (or “Classic” as it should really be called) was a bit of a let down. Not only did I manage to walk (or, er, skate) through it in about an hour, but it posed no challenge whatsoever. Worse, was the “selection” of goals – every level was almost the same. Basically, you have the High/Pro/Sick scores, Pro/Sick Combo scores, SKATE, COMBO, and Find the Hidden Tape. That’s fine. That’s what Tony Hawk games are for.

However, you’d then normally get four or more other goals, usually tricks or trick combos, to complete per level. In this, you get TWO. And one of those on each level is “natas spin the four hydrants/bins”, so that’s only ONE, really. And several of them are just slight variations (usually easier variations too) to them completed in Story Mode. It’s just lazy! There’s LOADS of each level barely touched. They could have easily added twenty or more unique goals to each level, but no. Tch.

Anyway. All done now, and so it’s on to Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land, also for the GBA, next!

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