Tomb Raider: Legend (360)

Tomb Raider: Legend (360)

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Finished up Ghana, where there was another boss battle, and then went over to Kajekstan (or however you spell it). No tomb there, either, just a Soviet research base, a train I had to chase on a motorbike, and some wantering through a giant Tesla device thingie.

Found Amanda, who is now baaaaad, and she unleashed another boss at me, which I had a job figuring out how to defeat. Turns out you don’t, as such. Anyway.

Then it was off to Cornwall to what started off as an abandoned King Arthur Museum, and has now become and actual tomb. With fire and stuff. Hmm.

Saved there, and decided to try and open up some of the Croft Mansion. I picked up about 15 “awards” there in total (mostly all bronze) and collected my grappler, guns, and personal light source thing.

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