Tomb Raider: Legend (360): COMPLETED!

Tomb Raider: Legend (360): COMPLETED!

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Well. Some people did say that it sort of fizzles out at the end, and, well, it pretty much does. The England level is pretty huge (with a puzzle that had me scratching for ages, and a huge boss fight), but Nepal that followed it was really very short, and incredibly easy. The final level was even shorter, and the end boss was the easiest of all the bosses in the game, which was a shame.

But anyway. Overall, I enjoyed the game, it’s just at less then 9 hours play, it seemed somewhat short. There are the time trials (I tried the first one, and was too slow) and hard mode, as well as all the rewards, but I’m not sure I can be bothered with them. I’d have preferred another couple of levels.

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