Assorted Amiga Games (Amiga)

Assorted Amiga Games (Amiga)

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Since I’d set my Amiga up today, I thought I’d have a play on some of the games I had installed on it.

First up was Brutal Homicide, a game my wife and I used to play all the time. It’s sort of like a two player cross between Bomberman and The Chaos Engine. It used to be great fun, but I forgot you had to plug in a second joypad, so we didn’t really get much out of it…

Then I played Marvin’s Marvelous Adventure, which (Great Giana Sisters aside) is probably the closest to Super Mario Brothers the Amiga had. It’s great. I played through until I got to the level called “Jump Exactly”, where I died a few times and then recalled that it’s from that point on that the game gets a bit hard, so I stopped playing.

I also played Top Hat Willy for a bit. It’s probably my most played Amiga game of all time, and although I have the PC version too, it just never felt the same. I had a wander around the game world for a bit, but didn’t even attempt to play “for real”. I never did get more than 36% of the items…

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