Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA)

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA)

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Since I’m limited to handheld consoles at the moment (I’m at relatives for Christmas), I’m using this opportunity to actually start some games I’ve had for a while but not touched yet. See also Contact on the DS from earlier today.

Anyway. Since I have all three GBA Castlevania games, this is the one to start with. When it came out, people complained it was virtually impossible to play on the non-lit-screen original GBA. No such problems with the super-bright Game Boy Micro I have, though!

So I’ve done the intro, worked my way through some of the catacombs and stuff, killed what I thought was a boss (but it wasn’t), found two save points, and attempted to kill an actual boss (a puma thing) a few times and failed. I’m now going to level up a few times and hope for better items to be dropped by baddies to help a bit…

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