ToeJam and Earl (Wii)

ToeJam and Earl (Wii)

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Friday is “New Games on the Wii Virtual Console Day” (rather like Wednesday is “New Games on Xbox Live Arcade Day”), and in today’s batch of new old titles was ToeJam and Earl for the Megadrive. So of course, I bought and downloaded it.

And it’s still great, even though I played with the Wii Remote, which really doesn’t work well. The most used button is A, which when you use the remote sideways is next to the d-pad, so hardly easy to access. I should have just plugged the Classic Controller in, but it was just so far away on the coffee table.

Anyway. I reached level 8, and have 3 parts of the ship already. Hurrah for the Save State facility of the Wii!

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