Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA)

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA)

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Damn that Devil thing! I either get past it unscathed and then have my HP demolished by the Dark Armours, or the thing kills me. Thankfully, I found a fantastic way of killing Hugh without me losing much energy at all – shoot a load of crucifixes away from him, then jump over him and them as they come back, they all pass though Hugh and Super Damage ensues. Aces.

So after a couple of attempts with this tactic, he was dead. Then I realised that in order to get back to a save point, I had to pass the two Dark Armours and the Devil again! With almost no energy left! Gaaaah!

Thankfully, I fluked it, but then got hit by an Electric Skeleton. It did only 2 damage, but since I only had 3 in total, I was a bit alarmed. But I did it!

I then went and found Dracula and easily saw off his first form, before tailing it out of there and spent an hour exploring the castle more for power-ups, cards and potions and stuff. Suitably powered up, and with a new card combo that halves the damage I can take (effectively giving me double HP), and then tried Dracula’s second form. Five times. And died every time.

I think I have a tactic that’ll win, though…

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