Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA)

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA)

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Aha! I think the rivers of acid bit was the wrong route to take, as I found another way to go today, into some sort of warehouse or something. And there, so my dismay, I found Irritating and Unnecessary Gaming Cliche #2 – crate puzzles. GAH!

How many games must people RUIN with crate puzzles? And why are they always actually crates? Surely other things could be used instead? Broken Sword 3 and Lost in Blue both had game-almost-breaking crate puzzle sections in them. -10pts, Konami. angrystare.gif

At least they weren’t hard. I suppose that’s something. I just hope they don’t have the SuckySuck(TM) bit (Irritating and Unnecessary Gaming Cliche #1) at the end of the game now too.

Anyway. So I worked through the warehouse bit, killed a load of Poltergeists and Lightning Armour baddies, as well as some King Moths and Manticores, and eventually found myself at the next boss – Death. He didn’t seem to be especially hard, as I could easily see off his flying scythes with my spinning balls of fire, and he was soon killed, but then he turned into a giant skeleton crab (Irritating and Unnecessary Game Cliche #3) who promptly killed me.

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