Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA): COMPLETED!

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA): COMPLETED!

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After trying several times to kill Dracula, I gave up. The final boss has two phases: one where he appears and disappears, and has three attacks – poison clouds, laser beam, and meteor strike, and after that he flies around a lot, then turns into a load of bats and a giant eyeball. The first phase was easy, especially if I used the DSS card combo that effectively grants you double energy. The second, however, was not.

Dodging Dracula flying around was simple enough – just use Roc’s Feather to stay at the top of the screen – but the bats and eye was a real pain. I could use Poison Cloud myself to kill most of the bats off, and get a hit or two in with the eye, but most of the time it was unreachable, or a bat somehow dodged the cloud and hit me.

So I left it for a bit, and wandered off to find the card needed for Summons. It was in the hall where I’d previously killed the Golum boss (GameFAQs helped here with it’s Card FAQ), and after a bit more exploring of the castle, gaining another level and some more upgrades, I set about killing Dracula again.

Summoning Thunderbird to get the eyeball worked a treat! I just needed four Summons, and he was dead! The game was over, the credits came up, and I unlocked Magician Mode (where you start will all the cards). Aces!

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