Sensible Soccer 2006 (Xbox)

Sensible Soccer 2006 (Xbox)

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The other game was this. And I’m not really sure what to make of it.

On one hand, it’s really trying to be a new Sensible Soccer. On the other, it just seems wrong. Where it works: simple controls, similar pace of game, same menus, same game “feel”. Where it doesn’t: camera angle is wrong. Two buttons? Wrong. No widescreen, borders top and bottom too. 3D players don’t fit.

It isn’t a bad game, by any means, it just isn’t the New Sensible Soccer I was hoping for. It’s just another football game with the same name.

For the record, I played a few matches as Liverpool (losing to Norwich 4-3), and a few as England in the World Cup (drawing them all).

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