Super Castlevania IV (Wii)

Super Castlevania IV (Wii)

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Got through the level I was on without too many problems this time. I’m not keen on the Indiana Jones style whip swinging, however, as I tend to let go at the wrong time and die.

The end of level boss was a two headed dragon. Like the two headed dragon in Circle of the Moon. Sort of. A bit. With the aid of my axes, I killed it without even getting hit, on my first go, which was good.

I then moved onto the next level, where I found Death, and killed him. I’m pretty sure he’s in every Castlevania game ever, you know. Anyway, killed him, and after that there was a room that turned around whilst I hung on with my whip in the middle. I had no idea what to do after the second time it span round, and so died. Tch.

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