Castlevania (PS2)

Castlevania (PS2)

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Hmm. Not really enjoying this a great deal any more. Well, I was never enjoying it loads as it is, but there are just too many things I don’t like about it – the camera, the controls, the lack of platforming, the bits where there is platforming being difficult due to the camera or controls, etc. It’s all a bit rubbish, really.

So I found the “e” stone to put in the “meth” stone in the Lab level, which brought a golum to life. And then I killed it. Which kind of defies the point, really, doesn’t it?

I then moved on to the garden level, and opened up loads of the map, found a power-up to protect me from fire (or something), and couldn’t find a door in a room to the right of the map that is marked on the floor plan, but isn’t actually in the room. Gah!

So I left, and then went back to the House of Thingie (the churchy level) and tried to reach a high platform in a room near the start. But I can’t. Not even double-jumping and whip-grabbing can do it. I gave up for the day.

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