Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (360)

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (360)

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After a very short journey to the middle of the map where I needed to use the two rings I had and met Maria again, it was off to kill Richter with my new Holy-resistant garb and Holy-killingerating sword. And lo – he was easy. Really easy, in fact, since none of his attacks could now do more than 1 damage, whereas previously 80+ was the norm. Excellent.

In fact, I didn’t kill Richter at all, but Shaft, the thing controlling Richter making him Bad.

And then… the whole world turned upside-down. Literally. There’s a second castle, which is the same as the first one, only the other way up! And harder! Gah! That means I’m only half-way through the game. Thankfully, though, I do have all the powers I need to navigate the new castle unhindered (I hope), and so I set about finding a save point and defeated two bosses, who gave me bits of Dracula. Yes, just like in, uh, Harmony of Dissonance. I think.

8 hours in, 125% complete. Ace.

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