Castlevania (Wii)

Castlevania (Wii)

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The very first NES Castlevania at that. It appeared on the Wii’s Virtual Console downloads last Friday, so I downloaded it but didn’t play it until today.

Some people have said that Super Castlevania IV is a sort of remake of the original game, rather than a proper sequel. Konami themselves have retconned the story a couple of times themselves, so that it was, and then it wasn’t – so I’m not sure how it stands officially now. Either way, going back to Castlevania and it’s clear that they’re similar. Very similar, in fact.

I’m on Stage 6, where things have started to get difficult. There’s no fancy effects, no whippy-swingy, and some enemies are missing, but so far, it’s all given me a bit of deja vu…

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