Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (DS): COMPLETED!

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (DS): COMPLETED!

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Finished working my way through the airship, and then fought Slival in his tank again at the end. Since he has no crew, he’s really easy – especially if you go over to keep him busy while your crew hammer the tank.

After that was Don Clawleone, who was pretty easy to beat, but then he turned into The Dark One, who was a giant dragon tank thing. Erk!

Tankfully (oho!), Slival joined forced with me, and we merged our tanks to take on The Dark One, who had a staggering 1500HP. He drained my HP in under a minute, be we’d barely dented his – leaving me with no choice but to go over and try to top the ammo being loaded.

Luckily, there was only the possessed Clawleone inside, who, although a pain to kill, was kept from the controls whilst Slival slowly depleted the HP, before joining me to rush the engine. And lo! Game win!

…or not. I only had 90 slimes rescued! So, no end of game sequence. Off I went to revisit the other areas looking for slimes. It took a couple of hours, but I managed it. Most were in tanks I’d not seen first time through, and all the tank battles were really easy as I had an ubar-tank by then. One of the tanks was destroying in one hit – ace! Eventually, then, all the slimes were back in the town (helpfully, the last slime I found was the one who runs the shop, meaning I wasn’t able to make use of the shop for the entire game…), and THEN it was game over and the credits rolled.

The pun-tacular credits. Listing all the “progoomers” and “gooduct management” team. The best one was the translation team – or rather, the “punslation” team. Now it all makes sense!

After that, I returned to the game as I’d unlocked Tank Masters mode – a series of tank-on-tank battles. Played through Rank C, then B, and now I’m on the last fight in Rank A. Incidently, my saved game file sits at about 14 hours.

What a great game. I’m amazed I really got into it, as I thought it was horrid just under a week ago…

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