Um. NINE new games arrived today. Yes, 9. To add to the two that came yesterday. I have too many games to play. Tch.

So I decided to play one of my new games, and chose Gunpey. I used to love Tarepanda no Gunpey on the Wonderswan, and this version, although lacking in the squished-panda department, is just as ace. Stylus control really makes it much simpler and less frantic, although I suspect they’ve upped the speed a bit to compensate.

And I completed Story Mode, with Shelley as my character. Already. But then, Gunpey is all about the scores (and in this version, the two player mode), so that’s OK.

There’s also a few strange “toys” to play with. Some kind of Sound Box, which is a simple sequencer program, and a bizarre grid thing where you have a little man (called G-Note, I think) who walks along Gunpey lines. No, I didn’t describe that very well, but then, I don’t think it’s possible to do so.

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