Touch Detective (DS): COMPLETED!

Touch Detective (DS): COMPLETED!

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Although I’m not really sure I understand all the motives behind the final case, nor about the “earthquake!” scene. I’m still very confused.

But after doing the last case, I spent an hour or so clearing up the Bonus Episode, which although I seem to have finished (no-one else is giving me tasks), I haven’t filled the Investigation Journal. I wonder why? Anyway. The game is done and the touch log is at almost 100% done, so it’s not like I’ve just skipped half the stuff you can do.

Nice game – a bit short, a bit obtuse in some of the investigating, but fun all the same.


  1. Hey, I was wondering if you could help me. (I know its been over a year since you posted this, but eh. Its worth a shot. :P) I’m stuck in Episode 4, part 2. It won’t let me leave the circus tent! I’ve put all the fleas in the “Flea House”, save three of them, but every time I try to leave it says “Something’s missing…” I saw a guide that said to examine the padlock on the box, but I did and all it says is “Its locked solid… Only the Circus Master can open it…” Please help me out. :]


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