Castlevania (Wii)

Castlevania (Wii)

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Hurrah! I did it!

No, not completed it. That’s a Whole Other Thing, but I did manage to get to and defeat The Creature. And it only took $hlmun attempts! It’s his imp friend that causes all the problems, as The Creature itself doesn’t really do a lot. In the end, I found it easiest to just dodge the imp and his rocks wot he chucks, and just get the occasional hit in to The Creature when possible.

When I finally killed him, I nearly messed it up anyway as I almost forgot about the two rocks still en route to my face. Luckily, one fell short and the other was destroyed accidentally by a dagger I threw.

Reached Stage 15, where lots of Axe Knights and Medusa heads made short work of me. Tch.

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