Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (DS)

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (DS)

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With the game complete, I set about clearing Tank Masters mode. There are C, B, A and S ranks, and I was up to the second (of three) fights in A rank.

None of those fights remaining were difficult, and my tactics were either bombard-with-stuff or infiltrate-and-destroy depending on the tactics of my opponent. Even the final fight at S rank, where the other tank had 1,500HP (compared to my 950) wasn’t difficult.

However, things were made a bit harder when a “final” final fight was sprung on me – me vs Hooly, with no crew for support. And Hooly’s tank had 3,000HP. Erk. And Hooly had loads of really powerful ammo. Net result? My HP was depleted completely within seconds, and Hooly still had 2956 left.

But I won! Every time Hooly came over to try to smash my engine, I killed him, buying me time to load some ammo into my cannons. Since he was only interested in my engine, he didn’t attempt to stop them from hitting his tank, so I slowly drained his HP and then nipped over to his tank (killing him en-route) to smash up his engine. Winnar!

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