Fish! (Spectrum)

Fish! (Spectrum)

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I’m stuck.

I’ve entered the final warp (unless there are more later), and I seem to be in a forest near a smithy. I’ve figured out that there’s a mould in a birdcage in the smithy, and the parrot in the cage is actually a bomb (so you have to let him out and run away). There’s a clearing in the forest where a guy called Micky hangs around, but he randomly kills you. He also randomly leaves, meaning you can get the gold disc from the tree stump he’s sat on, but then he randomly returns and nicks it and/or the mould from you.

So I know what I need to do (I suspect I have to melt the disc into the mould in the smithy), but I can’t seem to get there intact with all the required items without Micky interfering.

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