Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (PS2)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (PS2)

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The story in this game really isn’t anywhere near as good as other GTA games. Everything you do seems to be for some tenuous reason. Vic isn’t into drugs, doesn’t want to deal in drugs, and yet almost every mission has him stealing drugs or lining up a drugs heist or something else to do with drugs. And if it isn’t drugs, it’s guns. All to earn money (which Lance seems to be spending faster than you can get it) on your other brother’s hospital care.

Today’s missions included kidnapping Forbes (who, it turns out, was a cop) and locking him in a flat tied to a chair. And then I infiltrated a gay bar full of bikers who decided to kill me. Because everyone knows that gay bikers instantly want to kill people who just happen to have entered their bar by mistake. I died a few times on that bit and gave up for the day.

I hope I get to the other island soon.

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