Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

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Well, this is something different, isn’t it? I’ve played Resident Evil games before, of course. All of them, to some degree or another (apart from Zero I think), but never very far in as the controls have always killed it for me. That and the horrific loading times on the Saturn version.

I was always intending to buy this for the Gamecube, but for one reason or another never did. The new control scheme (or rather, camera angle – the controls actually remained largely the same) and lack of loading issues made me think about getting back into the series. However, then the Wii came out and, well – here I am with the “updated” RE4.

First impressions then. Graphically, it is quite amazing. Especially when you consider it’s little more than a widescreen version of the Gamecube game in that respect. Yeah, there’s a lot of grey and brown (which normally makes games look bland), but it still looks great. The controls are… novel. Nothing controls quite how you expect: the pointer doesn’t change the direction you look in. The trigger doesn’t fire the gun. There’s no strafe control. I’m getting used to it, and the new camera angle means the RE tank controls of the past fit much better here, it it’s still a little odd.

No scares yet, as I’m in “expect something to try to eat me at every possible opportunity” mode at the moment. I’ve had a couple of run-ins with “the big cheese” (do people really say that?), but he hasn’t killed me as we “share the same blood” or something. I have been injected with some purple stuff and what looked like a very small pill. Oh, and I’ve had a “Welcome, Stranger!”. Ace. Almost two hours in, and I’m only just starting Chapter 1-3. Yeah, I’m probably slow.

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