Mario Party 8 (Wii)

Mario Party 8 (Wii)

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It seems an hour and a half is the going rate for a two-player game of this. Today’s board was “Koopa’s Town”, or something named similarly, and was somewhat different to any of the other boards I’d played (even on previous Mario Party games). You see, there are hotels along the board, and as you pass them, you invest coins in them. Whoever has the most coins invested, owns the hotel.

However, if the total number of coins invested (by all players) in a hotel is less than 20, the owner gets a star. 20-50 coins, and two stars. 50+ coins, three stars. And I expect there’s more too. Things get interesting when one player owns (for example) a two-star hotel as the sole investor and 25 coins invested. Then, someone else comes along, invests 26 coins, and not only gains ownership, but three stars, AND the previous owner LOSES two stars! Then the original owner can just invest two more coins to become owner again! It was star-tennis galore today!

I came second, and my wife first this time, although, like previously, the outcome could have been entirely different on just the final dice roll.

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