Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

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Ah! I have keeeeled heeeem. Mainly by luck rather than skill, as he had his back to me at the beginning and so I could blast the plagas thing on it quickly to see him off. I then had to deal with some monks around the outside of the cage, but they were easy.

Eventually, I found Ashley again, protected her from some more monks, and then had to play a whole chapter as her. The Ashley Chapter was pretty rubbish, as she had no weapons at all and basically just had to run and hide a lot. And throw lanterns at things. And press switches a lot. And run from suits of armour that came to life. Ho hum. She was reunited with Leon soon enough though.

But not for long. Some giant fly things nabbed her. Tch.

And then I fell in a big hole, and had to kill Salazar’s right hand man (oh, there was a joke in the dialogue about Salazar’s hand being detachable) who was nails, until I realised what the liquid nitrogen canisters were for… Chapter completed!

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