Resident Evil 4 (Wii): COMPLETED!

Resident Evil 4 (Wii): COMPLETED!

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Seems the truck bit wasn’t so difficult in the end, although I had virtually no ammo by the end of the first part of the run, so the second bit was done almost entirely with my knife. Soon, Ashley got kidnapped for the 26536th time, and I had to fight with “It” in some caves.

With almost no ammo.

Then there was another “boss” fight: Krauser – who I’m guessing made an appearance in another Resident Evil game that I haven’t progressed very far in. This fight took almost an hour on its own, as he seemed to have stacks of health. Although I’d picked up a pile of ammo before reaching him, I used almost all of it up on him, and so when I reached a stronghold full of infecteds I had none left. Thankfully, Mike in his chopper showed up to give me a hand.

Eventually, I found Ashley again (but not much more ammo), and had to kill two of those huge armoured blokes with big axes using a knife and some flash grenades. Amazing. Then… Saddler! The end of game boss, who was actually pretty easy. Partly because I had so many health items (6 sprays, 6 G+Y+R herb combos, and loads of green herbs, as well as a few eggs), and partly because I’d wisely kept my Broken Butterfly ammo. Oh, and Ada’s rocket launcher helped a little, of course.

Game winned! And very ace it was too.

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