Super Paper Mario (Wii): COMPLETED!

Super Paper Mario (Wii): COMPLETED!

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I’ve played a lot of games. And, in recent years, I’ve completed loads too – more than 150 in less than three years, in fact. That’s all well and good, but plot twists and end boss “surprises” are becoming less and less, well, surprising. It’s no real spoiler to say that the end boss, isn’t actually the end boss as there’s another boss afterwards. This is now The Done Thing with games these days, it seems.

Not that there’s anything bad or wrong about this, it’s just, well, expected now.

So Chapter 8 then. It’s all (well, not quite all – see below) set in Count Bleck’s castle, as you’d expect. A castle that throws pretty much everything at you. It wasn’t difficult, but you do have pretty much every single puzzle and baddie in the game making a return. You also have a need for every character and almost every Pixl too, so it does give you that Nintendo feeling of “now use what you have learned!”.

Sadly, there is The Great Big No of games. That’s right – a SuckySuck(TM) bit. You have to fight several previous mini-bosses again. This is RUBBISH and LAZY and should be banned. In fact, it gets worse – there’s also a SuckySuckPlus(TM) bit. That’s a new term for something that happens in Super Paper Mario and a few other games (including, if I recall correctly, Paper Mario 2) – whole previous sections of the game are repeated, not just bosses. There’s a rerun of a bit of almost every world in Chapter 8-3. For no reason!


But, save that couple of irritations, Chapter 8 was good. There’s a twist at the end (actually, two, but one was obvious from some point in Chapter 2), and the final boss was suitably bizarre. In all, the whole game was fantastic, with a few slight dips although nothing to ever ruin it. And certainly no “slide into crap” like some people have been suggesting.


  1. I have found the 8th Heart, as well but am I supposed to find a heart pillar for it? I’ve already defeated Count Bleck and Mr. L but when I start paper mario, it shows all 7 hearts have been colored except for the 8th one? Did you have to find a heart pillar for your 8th one? I’d appreciate it if you made a new blog about this. Thanks.


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