Phoenix Wright 3: Trials and Tribulations (DS)

Phoenix Wright 3: Trials and Tribulations (DS)

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Case Closed!

I was right with who was the killer, and the reasons why. I was half expecting Violetta to come in at the last minute as a witness though, but that didn’t happen. Surely she’s got to turn up again later in the game? All that story about her and her mafia family surely needs to be explored further?

Now I’m on to Case 4, which, if the conversations on ugvm and rllmuk are to be believed, is the final case. And… I’m Mia again. Not only that, but it’s her first case, and her mentor in it is not entirely unlike Godot. Hmm.

So far, we’ve established that a guy who was sent down for murder five years ago (11 years ago really, if you’re on “current Phoenix time”, as this case is 6 years ago in the game…) escaped, and the police woman who testified against him was murdered – in the same place as the previous murder. I can see some holes already (from the bridge where the murder took place to where the police picked up the defendant takes 30 minutes to drive, yet that would have left no time for the actual murder, if it happened when it appears to have done), but I can’t see how to present the evidence in a relevant matter.

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