Super Mario Galaxy (Wii): COMPLETED! AGAIN!

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii): COMPLETED! AGAIN!

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With the last of the stars collected yesterday, all that was left was to defeat Bowser again. For some reason, I had problems getting to him this time – losing several lives (all regained through mushroom collection) on the way.

He was just as easy as before (of course, he was exactly the same, that’s why), and then the end sequence with a bit extra.

And then! “You may now play as Luigi!” comes up on the screen, and Luigi says “Super Weegi Galaxy!”. AMAZING! Of course, it’s just the same game again, although Luigi can jump higher and slides all over the place like he’s got greased feet. Collected the first three stars as him too.

What a fantastic game. From start to finish I thought it was brilliant – well designed, varied, and even plenty of genius moments. Best game ever? Perhaps. Mario 64 was one of the best games ever – probably in my top 5 – and this beats it. Amazing.

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