Assassin’s Creed (360)

Assassin’s Creed (360)

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So I’ve killed the bloke in Jerusalem, and then it was off (via Massaf) to Damascus again, to kill a fat, and overtly gay, businessman who was holding a party just so he could poison all the guests. Amazing.

He was the easiest kill so far, and with him bumped off I went up a rank and got some more items, and then set off for Acre again. I’ve not done anything there yet, though.

So I’m enjoying the game, trying to avoid the annoying bits, but the thing which is actually holding my attention more is the hated-by-most “meta-story”. That’s the science-fictiony bit set in either the present day or near-future that’s supposed to be a secret but the powars of the intarnets have ruined it, so it’s not. Of course, the actual plot hasn’t been given away (at least, I’ve not seen it), so it doesn’t really matter. Besides, the secret is let out as soon as you leave the title screen.

Some preditions: the old guy who is head of the Assassins is going to be the end of game baddie. At some point, I’ll escape the lab that I’m trapped in. And Desmond and Lucy will, well, you know. Tune in later for the results!

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