Some Brain Games (DS)

Some Brain Games (DS)

Maths Training and More Brain Training both arrived today, so I gave them both a go.

The former seems a bit shallow. Yeah, I know they’re not supposed to be game-games, but still – there’s only really variations on simple sums. Surely they could have been more creative, and it remain maths-based?

The latter is much better. Aside from the return of the Sudoku puzzles, it’s all new since the first Brain Training game. There’s a rock-paper-scissors game, a “count the change” game, and even a “hidden” version of Dr Mario.

Both games, however, are having problems recognising my 8s. I draw them the opposite way to how the game expects, so it keeps thinking they’re 6s or 0s. I had this problem with the older title too, but I don’t remember it being so profound.

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