Psychonauts (Xbox)

Psychonauts (Xbox)

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After scaling the tower again, I had to fight a tank that was being controlled by the brain of one of the kids. It was pretty easy though. Then I had to go and find Lila by the lake, only to have her eaten by a giant lungfish.

So I set off underwater to try and get her back, having a huge fight with the lungfish, culminating in entering its mind and fighting through a Godzilla-type level where I was huge and could smash buildings. It was amazing.

Then there was another boss battle, and I finally released the lungfish from the control of the evil bloke stealing people’s brains. Turns out the lungfish is called Linda. Anyway, he/she took me to an island, where there’s a guard who won’t open a gate for me. He says the milkman has the key, but I can’t find a milkman anywhere – and I’ve searched every part of the game map. Hmm.

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